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The Aperion Project

The Aperion Project - Gods, Demigods & Demons Album: Gods, Demigods & Demons

Released: June 2008

1. Icelos
2. Newtrackmellow
3. Black Narcissus
4. Satellite Motion
5. The Fermi Paradox
6. Parallax of One Arc Second

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The Aperion Project - Gods, Demigods & Demons  The Aperion Project The Aperion Project

Album: All Music is Improvised
Released: 1 June 2008

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01. Seraphic Darkness
02. Orgoreyn
03. Dispossessed
04. Karhide
05. Adrastrea
06. Erymanthian Boar
07. Anaximander’s Lament

Aperion is an ancient Greek word meaning “boundless” or “formless substance” first described by the ancient Greek philosopher Anaximander.

The Aperion Project is devoted to the production, recording and performing of various forms of music. Consisting of two musicians - Brandon Rizzo (trumpet/flugelhorn/keyboard) and Gabe Patti (saxophones) - the musical output of The Aperion Project ranges from live improvised music to electro-acoustic studio projects.

Gods, Demigods and Demons came together over about a 6-8 month period:

01 Icelos is a minor deity from Greek mythology.
02 Newtrackmello was created spontaneously at the keyboard, semi-derived from a piece of music by Erik Satie
03 Black Narcissus was composed over 10 years ago, it is a modal piece based off the Phrygian mode in AABBAA form, each section of the form being 6 bars long.
04 Satellite Motion goes out to DJ Motion
05 The Fermi Paradox is an idea put forth by Enrico Fermi concerning extraterrestrial life
06 Parallax of One Arc Second is longhand for Parsec which is an astronomical measure of distance. This piece was recorded and improvised in one sitting.

All Music Is Improvised notes:

01 Seraphic Darkness - named after John Coltrane’s “Seraphic Light” on his last studio recordings
02 Orgoreyn - a country in the book Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin
03 Dispossessed - named after the novel by Ursula K. Le Guin
04 Karhide - another country in the book Left Hand of Darkness
05 Adrastrea - a minor Greek goddess
06 Erymanthian Boar - the third labor of Heracles was to kill this boar
07 Anaximander’s Lament - named after the pre-Socratic philsopher

Official website: http://www.aperionproject.org
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/aperionproject