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Jill's World

Jill's World Album: Jill's World

Released: February 2009

01. Fred vom Jupiter
02. Süss und Sauer
03. Laut
04. Robot
05. Kiwi
06. Sehnsucht

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Jill's World - Jill's World - EP

Jill's World play krauttechno and put together a struggling mix of cabaret, vaudeville and faulty horny, but at the same time infantile Deutsche Techno Aus Der Hölle in one and the same song!

Jill's World perform live on market squares, in obscure youth clubs and sweet parish venues. Performing live however is somewhat different in Jill's World: the songs are manually activated (the cd does the rest), its pure playback with a little bit of kitschy singalong stuff here and there. No need to weep: it is the show that matters in Jill's World. And what a great show it is: blazing dress changes, slapstick and utter nonsense mixed with tacky lyrics.

Jill's World is not just another rawk act on stage: it is your wet dream come true. Enjoy their songs such as Süß und Sauer (a song about conflicting feelings/tastes), Sehnsucht (nostalgia for that universal youthful feeling) and of course their reworking of the cult classic Fred vom Jupiter.

Indulge yourself in their wonderful world and make sure to visit http://jillsworld.be

MySpace: www.myspace.com/jillsworldmusic