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Keji Hamilton & the Exousia Band

Album: Keji

Released: January 2008

1. Designers
2. Innocent blood
3. Forever live Jesus
4. Bambiala (Beggars)
5. Original power
6. Africa I belong

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Keji Hamilton & The Exousia Band - Keji Keji Hamilton Keji Hamilton

Keji Hamiliton is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the keyboard, guitar, saxophone, conga and drums; amongst several other instruments. He is a master composer/arranger of the Jazz and Afrobeat genres of music.

Keji was a key figure in Fela Kuti's Band, as a Guitarist and later Keyboardist. His record credits with Fela include 'Beast of No Nation', 'Overtake Overtake Overtake', 'Just Like That', 'Army Arrangement' and 'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense'. Keji had a very close relationship with Fela and many fans of Fela would readily remember Keji because he usually opened Fela's live performances. Fela, in one of his hit tracks, made fond reference to Keji in the popular refrain "kereke ji keke, yah." Keji is reputed to be one of the few musicians that plays the 'authentic' traditional afrobeat music at the level Fela established.

Keji currently heads the Exousia Band (a thirteen man band) and had his 'return' concert on September 15 2007, at the Muson Center, Onikan - Lagos, Nigeria.

Official website: http://www.myspace.com/kejihamilton

MOJO Magazine (June 2008): "This is Afrobeat much as Fela Kuti himself played it in the latter years of his career (...). The band is well drilled, the horns and backing vocals wonderful, but there is never the sense that everything is teetering on the verge of collapse. Which might be why Kuti had him around so long."

All tracks: copyright Keji Hamilton