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konstruKt - Akustikelektrik Album: Akustikelektrik

Released: January 2009

01. Oyun
02. Stirring the Chaos Pan
03. Ilk Hareket
04. Kaptan Swing
05. Mind the Dark
06. Double Quartet
07. Illuminati

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konstruKt - Akustikelektrik

konstruKt was founded in 2008 to play and record ‘improvised music’. The band’s music pays a homage to Avant-Garde Jazz and Contemporary Music. The members of konstruKt have been in the Turkish music scene for years, experimenting and performing with various local bands in Istanbul. The influence of the 60's free jazz attitude can easily be recognized throughout their recordings.

On Akustrikelektrik the band is more focussed on the hardcore sound similar to Naked City's early works and free form jazz of the 70's.

The album is available on CD and from all major download stores.

The Band:

ÖZÜN USTA // percussion / voice
UMUT ÇAGLAR // guitar / electronics
regular guest…
KORHAN FUTACI // reeds / fx / voice

Website: http://konstruk-t.com
MySpace: konstruktist
Bookings: booking@konstruk-t.com