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Molotow Brass Orkestar

Molotow Brass Orkestar


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Album: Molotow Brass Orkestar

Released: February 2010

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1. Adzanak Badzanak
2. Varshaver Freylekhs
3. Ajde Jano
4. Jocul Boldenilor
5. Lioba - Vladin
6. Dusty Road
7. Baym Rebin's Sude - Galizianer Tanz
8. Southern Comfort
9. Bugarsko Oro
10. Czarny Forever
11. Gas Gas
12. Guggisbärg Lied

Molotow Brass Orkestar: Balkan brass meets swiss folk music.

Combine swiss folk songs with a klezmer or balkan brass playing style and add a little bit of ska to get the unique sound of the Molotow Brass Orkestar. The band was founded in fall 2007, when 6 friends - who all happened to study music in bern - sat together and started to rediscover songs they knew from their childhood.

Molotow Brass Orkestar unifies east and west. Its music is a declaration of love to folk music in Switzerland and eastern Europe. Fresh witty and traditional at the same time.

Website: http://www.brassorkestar.ch
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/brassorkestar
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Brassorkestar