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Panicphobia - Handle with care - might panic

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Album: Handle With Care - Might Panic

Download released: January 2008
CD released: August 2008

1. Perfect and Senseless
2. What Trees Think
3. Die Heart
4. Time
5. The Art of Building a Rocket

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Panicphobia - When Eggs Burst Album: When Eggs Burst

released: 18 january 2009

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01. Yesterdays Guitar Heroes
02. About Stones and Gravity
03. Shi’miju-ai

Panicphobia are a rock-quintet from Aarhus, Denmark. They play what they like to call "playful rock", which is a mix between progressive and alternative. The music has not been “written” in the more traditional sense, but is sort of collectively composed. Emerging musical ideas have been added a healthy mix of theory combined with observations and intuition along with musical experiments or improvisations.

Panicphobia’s first official release of “Handle With Care - Might Panic” is an opening statement of the musicians’ views on the art of creating new music. It is a suite in five very different compositions, each of them based so much on a stricht, either metrical or expressive skeleton that “Handle With Care – Might Panic” could by all rights be described as a conceptual release.

Official website: http://www.panicphobia.dk/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/panicphobiadk