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RioJafari & the Delicious Allstars

RioJafari & the Delicious Allstars Album: Banausenbrause

Released: September 2007

RioJafari & the Delicious Allstars - Banausenbrause

1. Intro (Aus der Fresse)
2. Sax-one kick
3. Take the dog for a walk...
4. Fly like a bird
5. Don't turn around
6. Düdddelldüüüdülllüüppp (Shit in the w...)
7. Rocken Piroggen
8. That one playin funky
9. Yes or no
10. Levelized
11. Observation (ICU)
12. Find away
13. Huirz
14. Who got gain
16. Hello Mr Murder
17. Church (Whatever)
18. Caputo (G.y.a.u.)
19. Mucho buju
20. When money is everything
21. Hi hat head
22. Maceo+I.n.s.a. (outro)

RioJafari started his musical life in 1992 as a singer and drummer of the alternative/hardcore band Oddoneout. After that he made his first step in the jungle as MC. Twist, working with different artists from Cheltenham, London, Mannheim, Oldenburg and many many more..... In 1999 he started to work with Phil C. (Bassburger), to create his own style of music. Finally his first album was released in september 2007.

"Banausenbrause" is a delicious mix of Alternative HipHop, Funk/Jazz, and something you never heard before! Open your ears and eyes...

Official website: http://www.riojafari.de
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/riojafari