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Barbara de Dominicis – Anti-Gone

Barbara de Dominicis – Anti-Gone

Barbara De Dominicis’ work is situated somewhere between writing and music, still striking a balance between improvised-experimental music and songs. She has been singing her own songs and other people’s too; and sometimes she still does. She manipulates sounds, performs real time invented music, records imaginary soundscapes…

Disremembering Echo
Vulnerable Interlude
Calypso Or The Enamouring Island
Venus Motel
P.S. I Que
Murmuring Mermaid
Calypso Or The Enamouring Island [remix by Ursula 1000]
Passione [Live, with Mirko Signorile]

Amongst her voyages “sonore and not” are : Extravagance in Cesare Pavese, performance for piano and voice based on italian poem “Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi “ by Cesare Pavese (Berlin 2001- with pianist Antonello Malafioti from Interjazzional), The body, exposed, an extemporary performance for piano and voice, based on Barbara's unpublished poem Il corpo, esposto. (Naples 2005 - together with pianist Mirko Signorile and drummer Vincenzo Bardaro from Urban Society).

She has been collaborating (both touring and recording) with Body and Soul, Mirko Signorile, Marco Messina, Frame, Leon Miller, Francesco Forni, Giorgio Santisi, Mauro De Leonardo, Sandro Sibillo, Rosario Castagnola, L’Ultimo Metro, Nicola Conte, Luigi Scialdone, Corrado Calignano, Gerardo Di Lella, Ursula 1000, The Body & Soul, Kaddish, Oscar Montalbano, Gaetano Partipilo, Alessandro Tutoli.

In 2004 she meets percussionist Pasquale Bardaro and together they create Cabaret Noir. Their debut album is published by Schema Records in Europe and Rambling Records in Japan. The album includes a video of track "The Ironic Death" by videographer Pietro Marcello. Cabaret Noir is a cocktail of electro-jazz influences featuring some of the best musicians on the European jazz and classic scenes. Their music could be described as an evocative sequence of soundscapes: almost an imaginary soundtrack An ethereal, visionary and dreamy atmosphere. The tales of "Cabaret Noir" are haunted by paradoxical visions: a collection of melancholic, moody reflections that seem to find their ideology in a film noir... Mellow and sensuous stories but surrealistic and ironic at the same time.

In 2007 she starts a series of extemporary performances that go under the name of Poe-Si. Poe-Si is a series of unpredictable performances that only happen in the making. It can be explained as a collection of experiments based on the interaction amongst the couple orality-vocality and the different elements on stage as like as an electronic station, a piano and a visual element (each time a different one: it can be a video or an istallation).

In 2007 she starts a collaboration with the media artist Davide Lonardi, sonorizing his video-poems (Iº libro del volo) and starting to work on the music of his first movie (A season of wind)

In 2008 she produces her solo album Anti-Gone: a sort of hidden concept album with a reference to the greek heroin Antigone. A few months ago she “met” Julia Kent (Antony & The Johnsons). Together they brought into existence Intermittenze.


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Format: CD
Released: April 2009
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