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Elfferich Four – Curiosity

Elfferich Four – Curiosity

Elfferich Four is a dutch drums-bass-guitar trio making a new kind of progressive rock/funk/jazz. All tunes are by Jeroen Elfferich, the drummer. The grooves are all uneven which means that they don’t play 1, 2, 3, 4 anymore.

1. Curiosity
2. Hip Trip
3. The Past
4. Little Miracle
5. Use Me
6. Dark Places
7. Einstand
8. Violent Valentine Kiss
9. Night Faces (Drum Solo)
10. Scopus
11. Septomber
12. Reunion

The band started in the early 90's as a quartet (drums, bass, guitar plus saxophone) and made three albums: Electricity, Curiosity and Special Four. These were reissued by WM Recordings in the summer of 2006.

Jeroen Elfferich's solo project Happy Elf can be found here.

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Format: Download
Released: August 2006
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