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Elfferich Four – Electricity

Elfferich Four – Electricity

Elfferich Four is a dutch drums-bass-guitar trio making a new kind of progressive rock/funk/jazz. All tunes are by Jeroen Elfferich, the drummer. The grooves are all uneven which means that they don’t play 1, 2, 3, 4 anymore.

1. Electricity
2. Duel
3. Pets
4. Superswing-Bonaparte
5. Chivalry
6. This Delicious Dish
7. Triple Nipple
8. Be - Was - Been
9. Noon Monsoon
10. Rhythm & Rhyme
11. Miss Dracula
12. Together In Parentheses

The band started in the early 90's as a quartet (drums, bass, guitar plus saxophone) and made three albums: Electricity, Curiosity and Special Four. These were reissued by WM Recordings in the summer of 2006.

Jeroen Elfferich's solo project Happy Elf can be found here.

Elfferich Four - Electricity Elfferich Four at Amazon

Format: Download
Released: September 2006
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