Saturday November 1st 2014

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Happy Elf – It’s A Wonderful World

Happy Elf – It’s A Wonderful World

Happy Elf is the alter ego of multi instrumentalist Jeroen Elfferich from Delft, the Netherlands. He is one of the most productive artists on our label.

What's Happening
Slow Down
We Must Be Together
Long Time
It's A Wonderful World

The music of Happy Elf can be labeled as electropop, but actually it is much more than that: it’s pop music made with analogue synthesizers.

Elfferich has been making different kinds of music for the last 25 years. He has been performing as a percussionist in orchestras, guitarist and lead singer in a rockband and as a drummer in jazz-, funk-, klezmer-, rock-, fusion- and cajun bands. He currently leads a reformed edition of his progressive rock/funk/jazz band Elfferich Four, whose back catalog is also available on WM Recordings.

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Format: Download
Released: June 2010
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