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Jack MacDonald & The Hotel Faces – Funky On Up

Jack MacDonald & The Hotel Faces – Funky On Up

Jack MacDonald was born somewhere among the stars in 1948. For the first few years of his life he wandered around and was young. And then he became not so young.

1. It's Off To Work I Go
2. Three Beers Me Ate
3. Mean Lean Leana
4. You Can Love Me
5. Crocodile Lady
6. I'm A Nice, Nice, Nice A Guy
7. Love Tank
8. Tiger Man
9. Texas Sugar Plums
10. I Can't Find Your Love
11. John Johnny Mowdown
12. I'm Riding My Horse
13. Dream City
14. We Were Created For The Sky

He wandered still and the stars wandered with him. The Universe became stormy and for a while Jack almost became a pirate -- but didn't. On planet Earth he settled in Cape Breton and then he moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and met Ceti Alpha (Nick Bevan-John) in 1999. They spent Sundays together and recorded two albums a year. They have over 19 albums, including two Christmas ones. Recording and playing with Call Center, The Hotel Faces, and many other bands, Jack continues to make music. He sells his albums on the streets and door to door in the Metro Halifax area; he is presently considering buying a White Van to increase his "door to door opportunities".

WM Recordings is proud to present the first volume in a series of Jack MacDonald albums to a wider audience.

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Format: Download
Released: December 2008
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