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Gypsyliana – Sonus Nomas

Gypsyliana – Sonus Nomas

"Sonus Nomas" (nomadic sound) is the sound of nomad hearts in the world, the song of restless souls that try to give life to emotions and the multitude of human situations through the use of musical notes and story.

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A nomad record that goes through music in its various styles, amusingly mixing the various sounds to create a new way of expressing music, similar to a long story made up of various chapters.

Sonus Nomas is a "divertisment", based on gypsy, Balkan, Italian, pop and global music, inspired by traditional Rom songs, Italian folk songs, pop, rock and traditional Romanian and gypsy music with the support of electronic sounds and break beats.

The conceptual design of Sonus Nomas derives from an idea of the Italian singer Gypsyliana (Cristina Barzi), to create the new Gypsyliana style, (Italian gypsy), by mixing global music with her musical education that stems from Tzigane music, jazz, Italian traditional and pop music, enriched with the gypsy and Balkan arrangements of the Taraf de Transilvania, a Romanian group residing in Rome since 1999.

Gypsyliana's style is a mix of passionate musical emotions; a delicious menu of sounds that are tasty and strong like an Italian gypsy sauce..... ready to enjoy.



Format: Download
Released: January 2010
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