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Panicphobia – Handle With Care – Might Panic

Panicphobia – Handle With Care – Might Panic

Panicphobia are a rock-quintet from Aarhus, Denmark. They play what they like to call "playful rock", which is a mix between progressive and alternative. The music has not been “written” in the more traditional sense, but is sort of collectively composed.

1. Perfect and Senseless
2. What Trees Think
3. Die Heart
4. Time
5. The Art of Building a Rocket

Emerging musical ideas have been added a healthy mix of theory combined with observations and intuition along with musical experiments or improvisations.

Panicphobia’s first official release of “Handle With Care - Might Panic” is an opening statement of the musicians’ views on the art of creating new music. It is a suite in five very different compositions, each of them based so much on a stricht, either metrical or expressive skeleton that “Handle With Care – Might Panic” could by all rights be described as a conceptual release.

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Format: Download
Released: January 2008
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