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Rubber Band Banjo – The Circlemaker

Rubber Band Banjo – The Circlemaker

Rubber Band Banjo is a self-educated musician who likes to tinker around with new forms of music making. Starting off as an electronic musician in November 2001, a wretched EP was created with the demo version of a cheap program in four days flat. It sounds somewhere in between the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack, video game music, and Mr. Bungle gone horribly wrong.

1. The circlemaker
2. Quetzalcortl
3. Twisted serpent tv
4. Max Ernsts red nightmare
5. Rna shutter speed
6. Vacuum coffee
7. Phosphene recording device
8. Macroscopia
9. Hyperdimensional elephant
10. Anamnesis
11. Memetic recombination
12. Wave genetics

The fourth full-length Rubber Band Banjo album The Circlemaker emphasizes the use of unfamiliar sounds played on homemade instruments and electrified objects. The rhythmic sound sources include 3-stringed and rubber band zithers with percussion on both electronic drums and objects amplified with contact mics. As a result the album is largely percussive driven, but has ambient and dynamic qualities from the natural recordings, software synthesizers, voice, and shortwave radio. These recordings are inspired by avant rock, krautrock, and whatever comes out of experimenting with electrified objects and instruments largely made from junked parts.

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Format: Download
Released: February 2007
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