Tuesday June 18th 2019



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1000 Covers 1000 Manifestos

1000 Covers 1000 Manifestos

Our latest release is a various artists compilation called 1000 Covers 1000 manifestos 2. Grab it here.

New releases

New releases

Have you checked out our two most recent releases? Various Artists - Numerology Terry Douglas - Instant forever

Unbannered compilation

Two tracks from our label - one by Chenard Walcker, one by D'r Sjaak - have made it to a "Favorite unbannered labels" playlist on Archive.org. You can listen here.

Extremely mild and pleasant tasting

Our latest release is online now: WM004 - Various Artists - Extremely mild and pleasant tasting: the best of Bob Chaos Records 1984-1986 Bob Chaos was a noisy/what-was-called-industrial-at-the-time label out of Muncie In, USA that existed from 1984 to 1988. It was cassette only and its releases are WAY out of print. This comp brings you a tiny piece of obscure American music history. Enjoy!

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