Sunday January 20th 2019

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WM Recordings @ Alonetone

A couple of our free releases are now also available on, the brand new "damn fine home for musicians". Check out our stuff here.

WM Recordings interview

WM Recordings interview

An interview about the past, present and future of WM Recordings is now online at Don't forget to check out the interviews with Panicphobia and RioJafari & the Delicious Allstars as well.

Keji Hamilton interview

Keji Hamilton interview

Keji Hamilton is the featured artist this month on An interview with Keji can be found here.

WM Recordings merchandise

We have some great WM Recordings merchandise available now!Check it out at

Keji Hamilton on The Afrobase Show

The Afrobase Show (anchored by John Warr) will feature the album by Keji Hamilton & the Exousia Band this weekend. The show will go out this coming Sunday 3rd February from 4-6pm on Juice 107.2 FM in the Brighton (UK) area and simultaneously on will then be available as a stream, anytime of the day (24 hours), for a wholeweek, from Friday 8th February on that week it will be archived indefinitely for access by anyone (around the world) who has a subscription to the station. For quick access to the web shows, click on this link. (Until 8th Feb you [Read more...]

‘Keji’ on Amiestreet

‘Keji’ on Amiestreet

'Keji' by Keji Hamilton & the Exousia Band is the featured album today on AmieStreet: "After a thirteen-year sojourn, multi-instrumentalist Keji Hamilton returns with a new album of traditional Afrobeat music. Having spent many years playing with the legendary Fela Kuti, Keji is considered one of few current musicians who plays authentic Afrobeat -- fusing jazz horns and instrumentation with African percussion. Keji includes a variety of moods and themes, ranging from social/political commentary to tunes ready for the dancefloor. If you're new to the genre, this is a great place to [Read more...]

Free Music Charts 2007

Gorowski's Simulators can was voted one of the five best netlabel releases of 2007 by Phlow Magazine!

Site updates

Site updates

We're preparing some big changes for WM Recordings, which will be unveiled in the months ahead. One such thing is the official WM Recordings Newsletter. You can subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to OR you can read the first edition online by clicking here. And yes, that's our new logo at the top of the newsletter!

Buy a CobSOn concert

Ever wanted to hear CobSOn play live?Why not buy a CobSOn concert on Ebay!Click here for the auction.Meanwhile, their single Road/Social disaster is still available from iTunes, eMusic and other major download stores.

Sell your mobile content through WM Recordings

WM Recordings wants your mobile content! As you may know we already sell a number of ringtones, wallpapers and full tracks through, the marketplace for mobile content. Voeveo will soon launch its site in the UK, and we're happy to announce that WM Recordings, along with a few other selected producers, will be prominently featured on the new site. So, this is your chance to get your music heard. Contact us for details about submitting ringtones, full tracks or wallpapers, but hurry, we need your quality content soon.

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