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Mystic Moods review

Free Albums Galore has posted a review of our Mystic Moods-compilation:"The 20 tracks provide some interesting listening. You'll find plenty of good samplings, lots of space sounds, and definitely some nice melodies."Read the full review here.

daghoti album reviewed

Here is a nice review of our latest release, daghoti.'s How tall is Robin Gibb?"The album is fun and funkyyy. Combining midtempo grungy drum loops with jazzy brass samples, Rhodes pianos, and a whole attitude of controlled chaos, he builds groove upon groove upon groove. Sounds almost like a soundtrack to a hippie movie from the '60s, when it's actually more of a postmodern cut-n-paste rock jazz."

Free Albums Galore reviews Necronomikon Quartett

Free Albums Galore about our release by the Necronomikon Quartett: "an excellent album of creative sounds". Read the full review here.

Mystic Moods review

Black Sweater, White Cat about Mystic Moods: "Overall Mystic Moods is awesome! Make sure to download the entire experience. WM Recordings is consistently delivering interesting, fresh, and exceptionally thought provoking music - we're lucky to have such a netlabel." Read full review here.

CobSOn reviewed reviews CobSOn's Wasted? Ich bin entzückt von CobSOn Produktionen. In Songs wie Kidding oder Road durchlebe ich ihren Herzschmerz. Ihre Stimme ist rau und sinnlich, sie springt auch mal und klingt einfach voll aus dem Bauch heraus. Zusammen mit einem Piano, einer Gitarre und einfachen Aufnahmegeräten ergibt das Musik, die mir sagt: Du bist nicht alleine, hoer mal zu, ich kenne das Gefuehl. Read full article here. (Text in German only)

Happy Elf review

Happy Elf review

From Black Sweater, White Cat:

Doron Deutsch album reviewed

From Black Sweater, White Cat: WM Recordings always has something tasty. Release WM054, Big bright lights, from Doron Deutsch (hometown Haifa, Israel) is excellent! Read full review here.

Dagos album reviewed have published a very positive review of our Dagos-release: "Great vocals, excellent drums, and tight and playful bass guitar - these guys are talented musicians with a good producer (Davide Cristiani). "Cry" just keeps moving, high energy joy, the kind of song you can't help moving your head to." Read the full review here.

Happy Elf album reviewed

Our latest release - 'Together' by Happy Elf - has been online less than 24 hours but the kind folks over at have already posted a review. Read it here.

Vital Weekly review

A review from the Vital Weekly newsletter: WE'RE NOT IN IT FOR THE MONEY (MP3 by Rallehond Records/WM Recordings) It's always good to hear something new from my own soil, and this time it's even two labels: WM Recordings from Heerlen and Rallehond Records from Dordrecht/Breda, all three cities wide apart in The Netherlands, actually. They see it as their as their task to present 'musicians in a professional way'. These musicians play a variety of music: none of these labels operate in one specific style. In most of these fourteen pieces, none by anyone I ever heard of, can be classified [Read more...]

Vernon LeNoir album reviewed

Vernon LeNoir album reviewed

A review of the latest Vernon LeNoir album, from Indieish: And while we're here: check out our latest release, a full length album by Kinetic Jane. Polish beats with a twist.

CobSOn reviewed by

CobSOn reviewed by has published a nice review of CobSOn's Wasted? Full review here.

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