Friday October 24th 2014

New releases


As an extra service we offer the option to get your music in all major download stores (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify, etc.) without being associated with WM Recordings.

For a one-time fee we will make sure your album(s) will be released online, without any reference to our label. In fact, you can use your own label name if you like. We take care of the technicalities and the payments. You take care of your own promotion. We can also license any cover songs you may want to release.

Mail for more info and pricing.

Once we have agreed that you would like to use our digital distribution service, we need the following from you:

1. the audio files. For release through iTunes etc. we need the best possible audio quality, so we will only accept wav-files or regular audio CDs – no mp3s or other compressed audio formats.

2. artwork for your release. We only need a front cover. Please make sure it is in jpg format, minimum size 1400×1400 pixels, saved at best quality (300 dpi). We can scan the artwork for you if you have chosen to send us a copy of your original audio cd.

3. two signed copies of the agreement that we will send you. We will return one signed copy for your own records.

4. a text-file or Excel-sheet containing the metadata (track listing and credits) for your CDs.

All files – except the audio – can be e-mailed to
Audio files can be uploaded through services like or shared through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.