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WM013: Klaz* – Volare possum

released 27 april 2005

Klaz* - Volare possum

1. Somnia volare non possunt
2. Egg (piano version)
3. L’adova jaskyna
4. Fuga praeter sideres
5. Grisklo te pranxa

The name Klaz* is derived from the name of Bijkian cosmonaut Kowax Laz. He was the first Bijkian to make far exploratory expeditions into space and he received all military honours which a person can get, because of his pioneering work with the Bijkian army.

We feel like musical pioneers. With our music we not only want to appeal to the Bijkians on Bijk, but also to Bijkians on earth and to your people (who we want to introduce to Bijk with our music).
We try to be different from other Bijkian musicians. That’s why we used the name of Kowax Laz, a Bijk who was completely different from other Bijkians.

Volare possum is the name of the single taken from Kovnask Lofftard, our newest album. It contains three songs from Kovnask Lofftard:
– Somnia volare non possunt
– L’adova jaskyna
– Grisklo te pranxa.

And two exclusive songs:
– a piano version of Egg
– Fuga praeter sideres.

With this album the Bijkians of Klaz* tell the tragical story of the painter Kovnask Lofftard,who has committed suicide, after he had seen the so-called “eternal fields” in a dream. He has made 9 paintings about this dream.

All songs on the new album are based on one of the paintings.

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