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WM029: daghoti. – i’ve got braces, too!

released 23 november 2005

daghoti. - i've got braces, too!

01. intro (mondanglo live) (0:35)
02. (and dude) break we did (2:18)
03. cashing in (the last of luck) (3:50)
04. afraid (of what my father taught me not to be afraid of) (2:00)
05. storm trooper (waiting to happen) (3:24)
06. transitory (are we nearly there yet?) (3:17)
07. (beat that case) with my eyes closed (2:47)
08. save that girl (from a lifetime of limping)(1:49)
09. brouhaha (methinks not) (2:30)
10. refresh (please) (4:18)
11. bonus track: bumblebee (music+fx) (2:17)

the man
– a.hofmann

the project
– from cologne/germany
– founded back in 2001 as a means to end all means
– has survived two births and is here to stay

the music
– samples, loops and loads of real instruments
– egocentric, cinematic, traumatic, hectic, idioblastic, ichthyic, collagic

the output
– context is all [2001]
– music for animation “bumblebee” by anne terkelsen [2003]
– i’ve got braces, too! [2005]


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i’ve got braces, too!
by daghoti. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.