Sunday January 20th 2019

WM030: Sid Peacock – You can’t buy everything forever

released 18 december 2005

1. Can’t buy everything forever
2. Noise section from Wee Green Man
3. Multiple injuries
4. Orchard way
5. Seagull choking on a ringpull
6. Bongo psilocybin
7. Want

I’m delighted to be able to give you this sampler via WM Recordings. You will hear tracks from my 11 piece ensemble Surge, electro acoustic works, a chamber piece and a spoken word track.
The title track “Can’t buy everything forever” is from the Surge CD “Live in Birmingham 04” and is my special christmas message to you all.

The CD is available for sale from my website

Keep watching the skies…..

— Sid Peacock

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This release is no longer available, due to contractual reasons.