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WM066: daghoti. – how tall is robin gibb?

released 4 july 2007

1. intro_ ride on, mother 1_49
2. my private urville 3_59
3. frumpi gras 2_56
4. monsieur mejot 3_52
5. daddy-o (tbc.) 5_46
i. the day of days
ii. the talk of what
iii the end of day
6. viberator 5_12
7. thinks eh kens it aw 3_43
8. whirligiggles 4_13
9. outro_ tattoo you 1_56
10. bonus track_ percipience fiction 4_18

my wife came back from the city the other day and told me, “guess
what – i think i saw robin gibb in front of the drugstore.”
i said, “the robin gibb?!?”
“and what did he do there in front of the drugstore?”
“dunno, he was just standing there.”
“ah, i see…”
“nothing, dear…”
“c’mon, please give me a break.”
“excuse me – give you what?!?”
“i mean, why would robin gibb want to just stand in
front of a drugstore in cologne?”
“how would i know?”
“yep, how would you…”
“i’m actually quite sure it was him. he was wearing this fancy coat
and looked like a real celebrity…”
“yeah, i’m sure he did…”
“however, he seemed rather tall. really tall actually.”
“well, there you go – it wasn’t him then.”
“yes, it was!”
“now listen, wife: robin – gibb – is – not – tall!”
“how the hell do you know!?!”
i guess she did have a point here because i really didn’t
know how tall robin gibb was.
i mean is
err, i actually still don’t know.
do you?

daghoti. is a.hofmann (who is not exactly tall) – husband, father, teacher, crank from cologne/germany.

output to date:
context is all [2001]
music for animation “bumblebee” by anne terkelsen [2003]
i’ve got braces, too! [2005]
contribution to “mystic moods” [WM063] [2007]
how tall is robin gibb? [2007]


contact: robingibb at daghoti dot com

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