Friday September 21st 2018

WM068: 3Sacchetti – Bora! Bora! Mr. Motto

released 2 september 2007

1. Il piccolo principe ha sparato alla volpe*
*… e balla la mazurka sulla sua tomba
2. Bobo-yeah. matteo è un eco-mostro
3. Elvis £$§&%!!! (blblblblblblbl)
4. Chuck norris e il cane che vomita
5. Il teflon è cancerogeno. Davvero? Stracciata!
6. Dodo sfoga le sue pulsioni dopo aver praticato un foro sullo
7. Mephistowaltzer, “farfalline” era un titolo troppo ambiguo…

“3Sacchetti” comes from the will of 3 musicians to create a new concept of music, through a blend of different kinds of music: jazz, klezmer, post hc and noise.

The band was born in winter 2004, the members began with a standard jazz order, then they made an effort to change… it resulted in a strange balcanic music with wild and bizarre melodies.

The music is influenced by the different musical preferences of the three guys: it’s a journey which leaves from the musical traditions of nomads people and finishes, annihilated and distorted by the grey environment in which the band is grown.

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