Sunday December 16th 2018

WM107: Various Artists – NetLabel Coalition Volume 1

released 15 april 2010

1. Riverdale – Recuérdame Buscar ‘Amor’ en el Diccionario
2. D’r Sjaak – Likkubakkus
3. Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit – Grapefruit Gun
4. Fly Lazarus Fly – Street Lights
5. Rho – And More Rain
6. Doc & Lena Selyanina – Vienna Blue
7. MetanoiaX – Aural Impression
8. VAD – Nu-ka (feat. Voskresenie)
9. Morphamis – No More Funny Bizniz
10. Oxynucid – Mrs Jynx’s Martian

The NetLabel Coalition (NLC) is an organisation consisting of a group of netlabels who have a shared interest in promoting the free music ideal, as well as promoting their own catalogues and artists through collaborative efforts and projects.

Using forums hosted by The Creative UnCommons as their base the various participants also discuss the free music movement as a whole, what can be done to spread awareness and how the scene itself can be improved. Whilst fundamentally created for labels to network the NLC also welcomes general sites who have an interest in the scene (distribution sites, blogs, magazines etc) although individuals can’t directly join, they can support the idea by promoting it, spreading the word and contributing on the open forums.

With this, the debut compilation album from NLC member labels, we’re looking to spread knowledge about the group and what it’s doing, as well as getting good music out there and promoting the labels who release it and the artists who create it. Keep an eye open for new releases and projects from the NLC and head over to the NLC site and forums to get involved. As with all open culture communities, the free music one only flourishes when you contribute.

The labels on NetLabel Coalition Volume 1:

1. Lepork Records
2. WM Recordings
3. Rack & Ruin Records
4. Binary Releases
5. No-Source NetLabel
6. Musictrade
7. Audiocast Productions
8. MixGalaxy Records
9. Black Lantern Music
10. The Centrifuge

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