Tuesday June 18th 2019



Our most popular releases on Mininova

As you may know we distribute part of our catalog of free album releases through Bittorrent site Mininova. We have made 30 releases available through their site so far and we continue to add older releases.

Here’s an overview of the most popular WM Recordings releases on Mininova so far:

1. Various Artists – Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music For The Masses 2
2. Happy Elf – Loose your head
3. Sminky – Lizard’s Tale
4. Manuele Atzeni – The Miyazaki Tour EP
5. brunk – so lo so fi
6. Happy Elf – Sexmachine
7. Noteherder & McCloud – The Tail
8. Meanwhileproject.ltd – Today is Sunday
9. Keshco – Trolley Crash
10. Panicphobia – When Eggs Burst