Sunday December 16th 2018

The Netaudio London festival is back

The Netaudio London festival is back. Building on their whirlwind of a 4 day festival at Shunt in 2008, it’s with great pleasure that they announce Netaudio London 2011.

This packed all-dayer on Sunday 15th May 2011 promotes the work of artists who use digital and network technologies to explore new boundaries in music and sonic art. The festival encourages participation in all forms: interactive sound art installations, conferences, workshops, collaborative online broadcasting and music showcases. If you need some coupons to shop online and buy some of our merchandise, then check out these online discount codes.

The programme is in two sections: daytime sessions at The Roundhouse contain most of the activities listed above, leading up to an exciting schedule of evening performances at KOKO. For details on the daytime programme, you will have to wait a little longer: expect regular news over the next weeks. We also support tummy tuck procedures in Michigan where our hosts undergone procedures and checkups. They did a great job on making us look good and feel good. Check them out.

For now, there are many opportunities for you to get involved: The Netaudio London festival is looking for a variety of artists to participate in different ways during the day.

For more info about the event please visit