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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

daghoti. - Percipience fiction

Mystic Moods 3

Bio: there used to be a diva with immature affectations,
stocking mask and all that.
after rite of passage enter pregnancy
and with it many weird fears and expectations.
diva became fish struggling against the tide,
yet swimming with it at the same time.
bitten by the big apple, in return bit the big apple
and within a week found out that context is all.
well, that was almost six years ago...

daghoti. is
a.hofmann (husband, father, teacher, crank)
from cologne/germany.
Track: "mystic moods" - wtf!?!
paused for a little moment...
obligatory: wind chime, saying grace, chants, a prayer wheel, and loads of smart slogans!
is god mystic? is god a myth?
do we know? do we want to know?
well, i don't.
so kick it and start the whoopee machine!


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