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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

I'm Dr Buoyant - Warp philtre memorials

Mystic Moods 4

Bio: I'm Dr Buoyant is the solo project of Tony Rimbaud, member of Brighton-based purveyors of electropoetica Malevich, along with Nick Rilke. He is also a founder member of the Spirit of Gravity collective, helping to produce events and CDs of electronic and experiential music.

As a member of Malevich, Tony provides a backdrop of electronics, samples, treated guitar and effects to Nick Rilke's text and turntablism, producing improvised soundscapes and songs with a variety of moods and influences. More recently, Malevich have performed under the name This Sound Bureaucracy.

As part of the Spirit of Gravity collective, Tony has appeared onstage with other members in impromptu and improvised settings, including Same Actor, Rashamon and Minimal Impact.

Tony is now producing solo work, extending the techniques used in these performances in a more focused methodology of abstract electronic improvisation. "I'm Dr Buoyant" works specifically with loops treated through digital and synthesised effects, producing an organically developed wash of electronic sound.

3 short works have been self-produced on 8 cm CD-Rs, including a recording of a live performance at the Spirit of Gravity in April 2006. Selections are available as downloads from his website.

Track: “The Mystic speaks of the need to connect with the inner life, the inner power of the human soul. But in these days of defiant externality, of iPods and white water rafting, is this call to listen to the inner voice not somewhat unsettling?”


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