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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

The Sursiks - The martial arts

Mystic Moods 5

Bio: The Sursiks (David Minnick: song assembly, drums, percussion, bass, recorder - Judith Teasdle: violins - Gary Robertson: alto sax - Kenny Robinson: trumpet) is a band dedicated to turning non-musical material into music. Their debut recording "I didn't know i was singing vol. 1" (available on cdbaby) turns real answering machine messages from family and friends into songs. The notes and rhythms of the spoken messages are painstakingly figured out and songs are constructed around them. The Sursiks 2nd cd (released March 28, 2007) on Crabid Music) uses the observations of a 3 year old girl as the raw material for songs.

Track: "Why Don’t You Try the Martial Arts?" is based on a cryptic answering machine message recorded from the answering machine of a friend of mine ("Hey! I have an idea!....Why don’t you try the martial arts?... Oh, come on Bruce!...I’m too old for that. Aaahhhhh!...but it’s...never too late! Aaahhh...If you just begin..."). Apparently, the fellow who owns the voice on this song frequently calls him and leaves obscure movie quotes on his answering machine, with no further explanation. The Sursiks figured out the notes, rhythm and phrase structure of the message, and then added appropriate music.

Web: http://www.crabid.com

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