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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

Desert Gears - Genghis dreams on horseback

Mystic Moods 6

Bio: Desert Gears are amateur musicians in the Sonoran Desert who know all too well the mystic quality of trekking through a desert.

Track: The vast expanses of the Mongolian desert. Riding alone with one horse. Mile after mile, the desert unfolds only new hypnotic desert miles. The wind blowing through valleys echoing like the overtone singing of the monks in the border town beyond. Watching for archer hordes in red and gold silks. Longing for the comforts of the ger tent - warm blankets, hot spiced milk, enchanting music, colorful tapestries and basking in the fire. Soon all that was left behind and all that awaits blend into one long trancelike dream. Overtone singing is by Danny Griffin.

Web: http://friends.oddiooverplay.com/gears/index.html

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