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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

Dick El Demasiado - Ets getin da

Mystic Moods 7

Bio: Experimental-Cumbia is a phenomenon initiated by Dick Verdult, a Dutch artist working with music and media. The scene exists largely in a virtual world of websites in Spanish. Streaming video, surreal soundtracks and bizarre animations, mysterious organizations and record labels with no productions but connected by links to more links that return to wood paneled beginnings; it is an annular microcosm of pop-ups and teasers populated with flamboyant and grotesque characters.

Experimental cumbia’s beginnings were associated with Verdult’s art/media group I.B.W. (Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin or Institute for Affordable Lunacy) based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands – a group known for low-budget internet and media experiments. After a visit to Argentina in 2003, Verdult began working with Latin American popular music known as cumbia – referencing his formative years, which were spent in South America. The result was an unclassifiable strain of comic, Amiga-style downbeat rhythms, which Verdult coined ‘cumbia lunatica’. He then invented ‘experimental cumbia’ as an umbrella term for his new genre.

Verdult developed a context for his new world with the web site http://www.canalcumex.com and created a unique, anti-dated festival-that-never-happened to support it called Festicumex, on the premise that no genre has currency without its own festival. Although the festival had a program, artists, musicians that existed in varying degrees
of authenticity and even records of flights and hotel bookings, it was an
event without performances; a complete fabrication.

Finally, his creation developed a life of it’s own after his first CD release gained a surprising following in Latin America - and consequently the Festicumex sequel, Festicumex 2, was a real event, followed by many others with legendary status. Dick El Demasiado (literally: Dick too much) has since released a CD every year, four to date: No Nos Dejama Afeitar (…we will not be shaven…), Pero Peinos Gratis (…but we comb for free…), Al Perdido Ganado (…the lost cattle…) and Sin Pues Nada (…without bullshitting…).

Track: Ets Getin Da was taken from the most recent CD Sin Pues Nada (Tomenota Records 2006).

"A beautiful track, made that in Calanda..."

"It is a matter of restarting before the echo silences".


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