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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

Super Sonic Future - Lakme

Mystic Moods 8

Bio: Supersonic Future is a project of Oleg Kostrow, Russia 's most infamous producer of electronic/lounge music, as well as a frequent composer for theater plays and TV commercials.

Their first album “Leslie Family” was recorded together with the musician Ilya Dmitriev, who provides drum programming, and a twenty-year-old vocalist Julia “Juicy.” According to Kostrow, Julia does not have any significant conventional vocal talents, but has a charismatic personality and a very dynamic presence on stage. These qualities have granted her a part in the project after she met Kostrow in a Moscow night club. The sound of Supersonic Future radically differs from Oleg's previous solo and collaborative projects with Oleg Gitarkin (Messer fur Frau Muller, Messer Chups), which were based on sample collages of 50's and 60's music along with a heavy presence of kitschy dialogue from the respective eras of Soviet film. This time the retro reference point is early 80's dance floor friendly post-punk and electro. Nonetheless Oleg's trademark playfulness is present in every track of the album; and however most tracks full of vintage synthesizers you may still discover occasional samples.

Track: A cover version of music from the 15th century.


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