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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

Ofer Golany - HALO in-deed

Mystic Moods 9

Bio: Jerusalem is a magnet for all kinds of energies. A city that draws weirdos and saints alike and where the difference between them is in the eyes of the beholder. Where the graffiti can be pure poetry. A city that eats prophets for breakfast. A cosmopolitan melting pot where French chansons, Arabic macams, Jewish soul music, Jazz, Russian and Punk mix. A polygluttonous city that has a syndrome named after it. Ofer was born here and though music and life carried him as far west as San Francisco or as far east as Ko Phangan (with a major Dutch chapter) he always comes back. It’s a kind of addiction.

Track: As you hear it's full of musical quotes, features a Jaw harp (Jews harp) and was recorded as part of a 22 song cycle of which 72 copies were released in memory of Ofer's father Gideon in the tradition of saying Kaddish. A variation on how musicians bury their dead (dad).

Web: http://www.guns2guitars.org

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