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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

Christmas in March - Good health

Mystic Moods 11

Bio: A band that mixes and twists recorded material from American popular culture in order to create hilarious new perceptions of the same. Recordings from pop radio djs, preachers & politicians, the news, self-help tapes, commercials, television shows, children's music, educational tapes, and dozens of other sources are subjected to unlikely juxtapositions which expose strange new meanings;
The voices work hand in hand with CIM's infectious, oddball music. Very funny, but also very deep. Their debut recording will be released in the summer of 2007.

Track: The voice part for this song was taken from an LP (on yellow vinyl) called "Health Improvement" from a series entitled "Mind Development" One side of the LP was intended to be listened to while awake, and the other side was to be listened to while asleep (so that it’s message would seep into the subconscious). Christmas in March primarily used the words from the "sleep" side. The music behind the message includes samples from a Japanese folk song, real drums, found percussion instruments, bass and guitar.

Web: http://www.crabid.com/

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