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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

Ron Wibbley and the Night Soil - Theme from the Night Soil Men

Mystic Moods 12

Bio: Everyone wanted to be Jet Harris in 1962. Ronnie Wibbley wanted to be Jet Harris. But Ronnie Wibbley became best known as one half of The Wibbley Brothers, proto-electro troublemakers who have been frightening people since their first record release 25 years ago. Ronnie Wibbley has the privilege to offer his techniques to Government, Public, Private and Individual media to perpetuate a pollution free environment for the enjoyment of the present posterity.

Track: They would come in rough sort of clothes, the night soil men, rough sort of blokes, they'd come with their horse and cart shoveling the bio degradable organic waste of the human heart, persistently purging the dung heap of the mentally deranged. O, the plight of those engaged in the sewer and cesspit cleaning of the mind...

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