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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

LowLifi - Tiny lights

Mystic Moods 15

Bio: LowLiFi is E.C. Raymond, a producer and multi-instrumentalist living and lounging in San Francisco, CA, USA. His works span genres and eras, incorporating concepts and technology from the past and present. Synths and saturation, sitars and static, or field recordings of urban life and the daily hum, are a few of the sounds that you will find in his work.

Track: "Tiny Lights" is an homage to the works of Raymond Scott, Bruce Haack, Perrey and Kingsley, and other early pioneers of electronic sound and melody. Composed entirely with synths, field recordings and reel to reel tape, Tiny Lights is an exploration of the mental affectation of tape saturation and analog recording, and the bliss it brings to ones ears.

Web: http://www.lowlifi.net

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