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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

8M2 Stereo - Who.

Mystic Moods 16

Bio: after med.school i started playing music again in the early 90ies. my studies had been largely accompanied by collecting records and exploring worldwide musics, financed by importing british hifi. i discovered that synthesizers i had long known through my stockhausen-family schoolband friends had become affordable to my pocketmoney, even atari multitracking. on a job in japan i picked up a used 4-track taperecorder at yamaha/ginza, plus randomly recorded tokyo radio & tv audio.

Track: "who." from the original eight square meter room at volker hamann's anthroArt represents early experiments with this material & maybe mirrors my interest in quiet but uncertain moods, subtext and psycho"analysis", for deeper exploration please find more "8m2 stereo" on pathmusick-netlabel.


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