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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

Jeffrey Letterly - My mystic mood

Mystic Moods 17

Bio: Jeffrey Letterly grew up in the cornfields of central Illinois, USA, read lots of books from the public library, and taught himself all about music. When he was 18, when he went to Upstate New York to study composition and piano at a music conservatory. One magical day, he moved to Chicago (where he still lives) and got a degree in interdisciplinary arts. He has since made a few short movies, written a book, performed in experimental theater, and created various live and not live performances. Various orchestras and other musical groups have played his music. He also performs country-tinged songs about death with his wife under the name “Urban Inbreed” and heads up the multifaceted super group “The 11th hour Orchestra.”

Track: Mystic moods should be taken in small quantities, preferably one at a time. When taken in large quantities, the following reenactment may result. If one starts to feel too mystical at any moment, just start to whistle.

Web: jaletterly@yahoo.com

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