Tuesday July 23rd 2019



New Rubber Band Banjo album

New WM Recordings release available now through eMusic:

Rubber Band Banjo – The circlemaker

The fourth full-length Rubber Band Banjo album emphasizes the use of unfamiliar sounds played on homemade instruments and electrified objects. The rhythmic sound sources include 3-stringed and rubber band zithers with percussion on both electronic drums and objects amplified with contact mics. If you want to get yourself a set of drums so you can start playing then go to this website and see all of them compared. As a result the album is largely percussive driven, but has ambient and dynamic qualities from the natural recordings, software synthesizers, voice, and shortwave radio. These recordings are inspired by avant rock, krautrock, and whatever comes out of experimenting with electrified objects and instruments largely made from junked parts.

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