Friday March 23rd 2018

Two new releases

Two new free albums are available now, including our 75th free album release:

Lee Rosevere – Play 3 [WM074]

The Rabbits – Squeeze one out [WM075]

Keji Hamilton releases new album

Press Release

‘Keji’, by Keji Hamilton & The Exousia Band


WM Recordings, together with Exousia Entertainment, is pleased to announce the upcoming online release of the self-titled album ‘Keji’, by Keji Hamilton & The Exousia Band.

Remember Keji Hamilton, the talented multi-instrumentalist who sharpened his musical teeth with the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, as a guitarist and later as a pianist?

After a thirteen-year sojourn from the public musical eye, Keji Hamilton has re-emerged, imposingly, with his new album.

The ‘Keji’ album was recorded, after several months of rehearsals, at an analog Studio in Lagos, Nigeria.

‘Keji’ which contains 46 minutes of traditional Afrobeat music (a fusion of Jazz horns/keyboards and African rhythmic percussions) is an effective combination of slow tempo groove and fast-paced upbeat tracks. The songs capture a variety of moods and themes; they range from the political through social commentary to the inspirational. The pulsating rhythm of ‘Designers’ is guaranteed to drive you to the dance floor, while the heavy groove of ‘Innocent Blood’ would see you nodding and tapping your feet impulsively.

Keji Hamilton, who is a leading exponent of the Afrobeat genre of music, with an acclaimed world-class compositional prowess, has two and a half decades of experience as a musician. He is also a composer/arranger of the Jazz and Reggae genres of music.

One fan said, “Keji’s street-beats style is infectious and uncontrollable. His experiences are an open wound from which pours real love and deep soul-wrenching music.”

Cobhams Asuquo, a multiple award winning songwriter and producer also comments on Keji’s music:

“I have always seen Afrobeat as a genre of music that needs to be explored and exploited. It so happens that a lot of people who have delved into this genre of music have not, to the best of its capacity, taken the full and total advantage of it. I think Keji Hamilton has been able to capture Afrobeat with the same exactitude, even as Fela did

For all lovers of Afrobeat music worldwide, Keji Hamilton’s virtuoso performance at ‘The Return of Keji’ concert and the release of his new album ‘Keji’, have left no one in doubt that ‘Roots’ Afrobeat as established by Fela Anikulapo Kuti is back… and back with a big bang!

‘Keji’ is released online by WM Recordings.
The album will be available from all major download stores in january 2008.

For more information, contact: (+ 44 788.658.8786)

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Site updates

We’re preparing some big changes for WM Recordings, which will be unveiled in the months ahead. One such thing is the official WM Recordings Newsletter. You can subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to OR you can read the first edition online by clicking here.

And yes, that’s our new logo at the top of the newsletter!

WM Newsletter.... including new logo!

Buy a CobSOn concert

Ever wanted to hear CobSOn play live?
Why not buy a CobSOn concert on Ebay!

Click here for the auction.

Meanwhile, their single Road/Social disaster is still available from iTunes, eMusic and other major download stores.

Three new free albums online

Our latest free releases:

Norja – Vuonoja [WM071]

Greg Houwer – Roads of oblivion [WM072]

Jeff McLeod – At the end of the path [WM073]

Free Albums Galore reviews 3Sachetti

“The music of 3Sachetti is a mix of genres ranging from klezmer to jazz to rock and everything in between. It always keeps you guessing with its eclectic improvisation and wit . The trio of guitar, violin and percussion has a surprising full sound. While it can get pretty wild, the artists never seem to lose track of melody and structure.”

Full review on Free Albums Galore.

Sell your mobile content through WM Recordings

WM Recordings wants your mobile content!

As you may know we already sell a number of ringtones, wallpapers and full tracks through, the marketplace for mobile content. Voeveo will soon launch its site in the UK, and we’re happy to announce that WM Recordings, along with a few other selected producers, will be prominently featured on the new site.

So, this is your chance to get your music heard. Contact us for details about submitting ringtones, full tracks or wallpapers, but hurry, we need your quality content soon.

Our releases on

Close followers of the ever-changing world of digital music distribution will no doubt have heard about the opening of Amazon’s mp3 store earlier this week.

Amazon mp3

We’re happy to announce that our commercial releases – see our shop for more info – will be available in Amazon’s store shortly.

A tribute to Chenard Walcker

The first part of our Chenard Walcker tribute has finally arrived!

A tribute to Chenard Walcker volume 1

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