Friday August 28th 2015

Gorowski in Machtdose Podcast

Gorowski is featured in the latest Machtdose Podcast.
Download it here.

And more WM goodies have been played on Ouebe Musique. Check out the playlist here.

New release: 3Sacchetti

New release available now:

3Sacchetti – Bora! Bora! Mr. Motto [WM068]

Elfferich Four on Amiestreet

Curiosity by Elfferich Four is now available on Amie Street:

CobSOn @ Amie Street

Road/Social disaster by CobSOn is now available on Amie Street!

What is Amie Street, you ask?

Amie Street is the most fun way to discover and buy music online because we have a social network that facilitates music discovery and because we price music right – all songs start free and rise in price the more they are purchased. Our dynamic prices allow fans to buy music without breaking the bank and they serve as a useful tool for finding great music.”

See our shop for more buying options.

New Gorowski album

New release available now:

Gorowski – Simulators can [WM067]

Still in the pipeline: the Chenard Walcker tribute (yes, it will really see the light of day; most likely we’ll split it up into a series of mini albums), a new Century of Aeroplanes album, Italian weirdness by 3Sacchetti and more iTunes goodies. Keep an eye on this page!

Mystic Moods review

Free Albums Galore has posted a review of our Mystic Moods-compilation:

“The 20 tracks provide some interesting listening. You’ll find plenty of good samplings, lots of space sounds, and definitely some nice melodies.”

Read the full review here.

daghoti album reviewed

Here is a nice review of our latest release, daghoti.’s How tall is Robin Gibb?

The album is fun and funkyyy. Combining midtempo grungy drum loops with jazzy brass samples, Rhodes pianos, and a whole attitude of controlled chaos, he builds groove upon groove upon groove. Sounds almost like a soundtrack to a hippie movie from the ’60s, when it’s actually more of a postmodern cut-n-paste rock jazz.”

New release: The Rabbits

Our latest release:

The Rabbits – Squirrel brain [WM064]

Free Albums Galore reviews Necronomikon Quartett

Free Albums Galore about our release by the Necronomikon Quartett: “an excellent album of creative sounds”.

Read the full review here.

Klaz* promo

Klaz* promo from YouTube:

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