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Getting started in the music business

So you want to get started in the music business, but you don’t know the first step to take—or the second, or the third, for that matter. Obviously, this isn’t a question that can be fully answered in a simple article like this one, which is why we offer full apprenticeship (externship) programs geared to help you break into the music biz! However, it definitely helps to have some sort of game plan or a track to run on, so this brief overview should hopefully give you a sense of direction.

The music business is broad, and there are a wide range of careers you could have within it—some on the administrative side, and some on the creative side. Getting started in the music business begins with deciding what area of the music business space you’d like to inhabit. Do you want to be a music producer or audio engineer? Do you see yourself as a musical artist? Do you like the idea of managing talent? Are you drawn to creating music in the studio, or are you drawn to working for a record label? Or perhaps you’d like to own your own studio, or even your own label, whatever you decide to do there are basics that you will need to learn, as an example once you have your business ready to go, it will be important for you to get the accounting software australia service, you want to take care of your business finances as much as possible . The pathway for different careers within music is going to be a bit different for each, so it helps to know which way you’d like to go.

Admittedly, there are some aspects of the music business that can be taught in a classroom, but really, the best way to learn the business is to find someone who does exactly what you’d like to be doing for a living, and shadow that person to see how they operate. This is the whole idea behind the apprenticeship (externship)s offered at the Recording Connection. We believe the best person to teach you the music business is someone who is actually working in the music business.

You’ve no doubt already heard this from us a lot, but connections are the lifeblood of the music business. Whether it’s in the studio or in the office of a record label, one of the most unique aspects of this business is that it is relationship-driven. Your qualifications alone won’t get you a job, a record deal, a publishing deal or any other kind of deal—that’s why degrees and diplomas don’t really matter here. You have to know lots of people in this business, and those people have to know you. The best way to make these connections is to spend time in the places where these people hang out. If you want to produce music, spend time in a recording studio. If you want to work in A&R at a label, try volunteering at a label. Go to industry events, and when you’re there, hob-nob, mingle and network. These are the people that can one day help you get a job, get a gig, or land a contract. These aren’t just people who know the music business—these people are the music business. This is one of the most important aspects of getting started in the music business. Get in with these people, and you’ll become an insider yourself before you know it.

The Spirit of Gravity presents

The Spirit of Gravity and WM Recordings present:
ElMaes, Celled and Jim Black

Date Tuesday June 26th
Marlborough Theatre
4 Princes Street, Brighton, BN2 1RD

Time 8:30
Cost GBP 4/GBP 3

21st century Psychedelia. “ouroboric” – The Wire.

Playing the hits of Sold – Slowly.

Jim Black
Canadian improvising guitarist with a new multitrack tape loop setup.

The spirit of gravity from Brighton in conjunction with Dutch web label WM Recordings are delighted to present this evening of 21st Century Psychedelia.

ElMaes will be performing the live debut of their single “5” in its 25 minute version, described by The Wire as “petty damn Ouroboric”: this piece is based around Thai chanting, Sitar and Tabla, along with a special light show and should induce a pleasingly altered state of consciousness.

Also performing will be Celled, who perform songs written by their alter ego Sold, but very, very slowly. Live they offer a delirious blend of analogue synthesiser, computers and cornet. Through this business site, they will be sharing their songs online for purchase where clients can also sell online. On this occasion one member will be joining them via a linkup from Scotland.

And completing the evening will be a new project from guitarist Jim Black. Jim is a member of the Brighton Safehouse collective, Torque and Urban Myth. For this show he will be performing a solo set with my new multi-track loop set-up.

The CD “Geburah” remixes of “5” is available for download free from

Hosted by our very own electro-comedian Lee Hulme.
SoG blurb states that the Spirit of Gravity has been promoting live, electronic, experiental and elctro-acoustc music in Brighton since 2001. That’s not the half of it.

Mp3’s of previous shows are available from

Mystic Moods online now

Online now: Mystic Moods.

Mystic Moods

New release: Klaz*

New release available now:

Klaz* – Kachtil [WM062]

WM Recordings on

Over the next few months we will make our complete catalogue available on is a service that keeps track of what music you listen to, and then produces a large number of features personalised to you.

You can use to listen to music, find out about artists you may like, other people with similar music taste, gigs in your local area, charts and quilts for your personal site, and much more.

Eight WM-releases are available for streaming, downloading, tagging and sharing so far. More releases will be added soon.

Check out our label page here.

Die Fenster des Detlev Sierks

New release available now:

Die Fenster des Detlev Sierks

Its about irony and affliction and convenient miracles leading to a happy ending. Mainly a saxophone concert, it is based on classical traditions and experiments with jazz and less popular music.

Hanns Ahring/Jean Quist/Maren Schram – Die Fenster des Detlev Sierks

CobSOn reviewed reviews CobSOn’s Wasted?

Ich bin entzückt von CobSOn Produktionen. In Songs wie Kidding oder Road durchlebe ich ihren Herzschmerz. Ihre Stimme ist rau und sinnlich, sie springt auch mal und klingt einfach voll aus dem Bauch heraus. Zusammen mit einem Piano, einer Gitarre und einfachen Aufnahmegeräten ergibt das Musik, die mir sagt: Du bist nicht alleine, hoer mal zu, ich kenne das Gefuehl.

Read full article here. (Text in German only)

WM Recordings featured @ Voeveo

We’re the ‘featured producer’ on!

WM Recordings op

On Voeveo you can buy exclusive mobile content by WM Recordings artists Happy Elf and Rubber Band Banjo.

Read the Q&A Voeveo co-founder Annabel Youens had with us here.

If you’re an artist and you’re interested in submitting your mobile content (ringtones and wallpapers), don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sid Peacock @ Kill Ugly Radio

Zappa-related website Kill Ugly Radio plugs Sid Peacock today.
Go check it out.

Kill Ugly Radio

Happy Elf ringtones

Have you checked out our fast-growing collection of mobile content over at yet? A series of 10 ringtones by WM-artist Happy Elf is now available:

WM Recordings at

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