Thursday May 24th 2018

Vital Weekly review

A review from the Vital Weekly newsletter:

(MP3 by Rallehond Records/WM Recordings)
It’s always good to hear something new from my own soil, and this time it’s even two labels: WM Recordings from Heerlen and Rallehond Records from Dordrecht/Breda, all three cities wide apart in The Netherlands, actually. They see it as their as their task to present ‘musicians in a professional way’. These musicians play a variety of music: none of these labels operate in one specific style. In most of these fourteen pieces, none by anyone I ever heard of, can be classified as ‘influenced by popmusic’, but some drift far apart. Sometimes pretty straight forward rock/dance influenced as with Happy Elf or DIT, acoustic guitars and vocals by Kinley Caliper and CobsOn, electro pop by Flexor, Anton Oosterwijk, and Nambavan. The weirder pieces are by the ambient guitars by Century Of Aeroplanes (who sound like Radiohead on a lot of drugs) or the downright ambient music of Lee Rosevere and Sid Peacock and the classical piano composition by Romme Bliger or TROY’s chamber music piece , to end with the weirdest of all Stefan van den Hout whistling in his living room. Like said, none of these names may mean anything, but all tracks are free to download, so perhaps there is something in there for everyone.

Vernon LeNoir album reviewed

A review of the latest Vernon LeNoir album, from Indieish:

Vernon Lenoir

And while we’re here: check out our latest release, a full length album by Kinetic Jane. Polish beats with a twist.

Lowlands Top 25

The WM/Rallehond release went from 18 to 15 in the Lowlands Top 25 this week:

Lowlands Top 25

Don’t forget you can still vote for us.

We’re in the Lowlands Top 25

We’re not in it for the money” has made it into the Lowlands Top 25:

WM Recordings

Vote for “We’re not in it for the money”

We’re not in it for the money, the collaboration of WM Recordings and Rallehond Records, has been nominated for the “Lowlands Top 25” of Dutch organisation FRET/Nationaal Pop Instituut.

We're not in it for the money

You can cast your vote through (scroll down).

CobSOn reviewed by has published a nice review of CobSOn’s Wasted?


Full review here.

Two new releases online

Two new releases online for your free and legal listening pleasure:


Sminky – Before life [WM043]

Vernon LeNoir

Vernon LeNoir – Balkan Spezialitaeten [WM044]

New Gorowski album out now

Now online:


Gorowski – I don’t believe you

Say what?

WM Recordings crosses all language barriers:

WM Recordings

Full article here.

Toos Ligtenberg on Machtdose Podcast

Wind in de rug” by Toos Ligtenberg, from our very first release, is part of this month’s Machtdose Podcast.

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Toos is also featured by our friends at Starfrosch.

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