Wednesday July 17th 2019



Happy Elf – First Contact

New release available now:

First contact – Happy Elf [WM009]

Download and be happy!

Phil Reavis – Driving Me Backwards

Only a few days after our very succesful release by Roy “Chicky” Arad we have something new to offer:

Driving me backwards – Phil Reavis [WM007]

A selection from tapes Phil made outside of the many bands he played in. Enjoy!

A whole lotta Chicky!

Tomorrow, friday january 7, something unique will happen:

two netlabels – US based Comfort Stand and WM Recordings from the Netherlands – will release two new albums by the same artist on the same day!

An what an international happening it will be:

Israeli artist Roy “Chicky” Arad releases his full length album “Sputnik in love” on WM Recordings, while at the same time Comfort Stand will put “Monster”, his collaboration with French sample genius Chenard Walcker, online.

So tomorrow you’ll have to open TWO browser windows and visit these sites…

…. for a whole lotta Chicky!

New Chenard Walcker album

The hardest working man in netlabel-showbiz, Chenard Walcker, has a new release out:

WM006 – Chenard Walcker – Vize verze

We hope to have another release online next week!

Extremely mild and pleasant tasting

Our latest release is online now:

WM004 – Various Artists – Extremely mild and pleasant tasting: the best of Bob Chaos Records 1984-1986

Bob Chaos was a noisy/what-was-called-industrial-at-the-time label out of Muncie In, USA that existed from 1984 to 1988. It was cassette only and its releases are WAY out of print.

This comp brings you a tiny piece of obscure American music history. Enjoy!

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