Thursday April 26th 2018

New Gorowski album out now

Now online:


Gorowski – I don’t believe you

Say what?

WM Recordings crosses all language barriers:

WM Recordings

Full article here.

Toos Ligtenberg on Machtdose Podcast

Wind in de rug” by Toos Ligtenberg, from our very first release, is part of this month’s Machtdose Podcast.

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Toos is also featured by our friends at Starfrosch.

New WM Recordings/Rallehond compilation

Online now:

Dutch independent labels WM Recordings and Rallehond Records have joined forced to bring you this joint cd-release.

We’re not in it for the money” is a compilation of some of the best tracks that both labels released in the past few years. This album has been released as a limited edition cd-r for promotional purposes.

The release can be downloaded for free from here and here.

Free Albums Galore reviews Century of Aeroplanes

Free Albums Galore has reviewed the album by Century of Aeroplanes.
An excerpt: “Considering the myriad tonal colors and instrumentations, it is impressive how well-balanced and consistant this album is. If Century of Aeroplanes purpose is to remove us from our stress-filled lives to a temporary musical paradise, they have succeeded admirably.”

New release by Century of Aeroplanes

New release available now:

The Century of Aeroplanes is music by Rob Collier.
Rob and the Century of Aeroplanes live in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
Sometimes Rob plays music with other people, sometimes Rob makes music by himself. Madison Stubblefield often helps Rob write and record music.

Warning: The Century of Aeroplanes does not have any techno drumbeats.

Three new releases online

Three – count ’em! – new free albums are available now:

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Mellsch – Mellsch (Poetry meets music)

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D’r Sjaak – Schijnheiligen (Dutch sample-pop)

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D’r Sjaak – En toch wakker (Even more Dutch weirdness)

D’r Sjaak joins WM Recordings

Today we reached an exclusive agreement with Dutch electropop sensation D’r Sjaak. Their two albums – including the recently released ‘Schijnheiligen‘ – will soon be exclusively available from our website!

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Der Plan mentions tribute album

Our tribute album to Moritz R and Frank F is mentioned on the official website of Moritz’ band Der Plan:

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Zum Geburtstag…

Online now:

Various Artists – Zum Geburtstag von Moritz R und Frank F [WM032]

More info about the background of this release can be found in this excellent little entry at Bloggio Oddio.

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