Wednesday February 21st 2018

Two new releases

Two new releases are available now:

CobSOn – Wasted? [WM019]

René Vis – Captured in realica [WM021]

Zloty Dawai on WFMU

Dan Bodah played a track from the Zloty Dawai album on his WFMU show ‘Airborn event‘ on july 31.

Roy “Chicky” Arad review

Splendid Magazine has posted a rather funny review of Roy “Chicky” Arad’s Sputnik in love:

Sputnik In Love’s title track is a two-chord ditty with cheesy, poorly recorded drum machine beats and arrhythmic acoustic guitar. The lyrics repeat the song title, almost to the point of causing physical pain. Arad eventually launches into a bridge whose infantile lyrics could well injure you mentally: “I don’t know if you love me / I don’t know if you care / I don’t know if you’re sick of me / I don’t know if you’re there.”

Read the full review here.

Happy Elf review

Happy Elf


Best of the web

The Spiked Candy blog mentioned WM Recordings in their ‘best of the web’ section a few days ago. Retrobabe does the same.

New release: Salam

Our latest release is online now, and getting great reviews already!

Salam – Salam [WM016]

Roy “Chicky” Arad remix album

New release available now:

Roy “Chicky” Arad – Sputnik in love: the remixes [WM015]

New release: Zloty Dawai

New release available now:

Zloty Dawai – Teleopsis belzebuth [WM014]

Unbannered compilation

Two tracks from our label – one by Chenard Walcker, one by D’r Sjaak – have made it to a “Favorite unbannered labels” playlist on You can listen here.

Happy Elf – Output From The Past

After the succes of his mini album First contact we proudly present a full album by Happy Elf:

Happy Elf – Output from the past [WM012]

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