Sunday January 20th 2019

Submissions wanted

WM Recordings is looking for submissions for a compilation based around the theme ‘numerology’.

All styles are welcome, as long as your track has something to do with ‘numbers’ in one way or another. Tracks should be no longer than 5 minutes, bitrate should be at least 192kbps.

Release date will be sometime this spring (april/may).

Please mail us at if you are interested in submitting a track. (Please don’t send any files yet!).

We hope to hear from you soon!

New Chenard Walcker album

The hardest working man in netlabel-showbiz, Chenard Walcker, has a new release out:

WM006 – Chenard Walcker – Vize verze

We hope to have another release online next week!

Extremely mild and pleasant tasting

Our latest release is online now:

WM004 – Various Artists – Extremely mild and pleasant tasting: the best of Bob Chaos Records 1984-1986

Bob Chaos was a noisy/what-was-called-industrial-at-the-time label out of Muncie In, USA that existed from 1984 to 1988. It was cassette only and its releases are WAY out of print.

This comp brings you a tiny piece of obscure American music history. Enjoy!

Staccato webcast

A track from Chenard Walcker’s Rain [WM002] was played on Staccato, a brand new webcast by Matt May.

We’re open!

With catalogue number WM001 online, we’re now officialy open!

Welcome to everyone who found us through A mention on that site made sure we had more than 1000 visitors on our first “real” day already.

First release available now

Rain‘, a 5-track ep by Chenard Walcker is now online. Chenard has previously released albums on Comfort Stand and Soulseek Records. The WM Recordings catalog is now also available in the netlabels section at Our first “real” release – catalog number WM001 – is scheduled for 7 november 2004.

First release early november!

The track listing for our first release is now almost complete. Release will take place on or around 7 november 2004.

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