Sunday December 16th 2018

WM Recordings featured on

Italian tv station recently published a feature on our label. WM Recordings is “full of good surprises” according to the article and they call it “no small thing” that most of our releases are available for free.

WM Recordings on

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New free stuff on WM Recordings

Two new free albums downloads are available for your listening pleasure:

WM111: Zeptosound – Zeptosound

An improvised blend of classical, rock, new-age and jazz, played by four people from England. They like being Zeptosound and they hope you’ll enjoy their music.

WM112: brunk – a simple guide

A homerecorded DIY mishmash of old tracks by our very productive friend brunk: quiet songs, homerecorded weirdo pop instrumentals, noisy stuff, little redundant experiments, lo-fi nonsense, kitsch, guitars, samples, electronica etc. Leftovers galore!

New Gorowski album out now

After a three year absence, Gorowski releases his fourth album “Sowilo (Double Disc)” on WM Recordings. This time it’s a double-helping! Also featuring Swiss artist Crepesuzette.

Gorowski has been dabbling in electronic music production for years, after a long DJing career in the sunny town of Hull, UK. He has previously released three albums on WM Recordings and his music has been used in an independent film production in 2008.

Download Sowilo (Double Disc) here.
More free music for your listening and dancing pleasure!

Keshco are back!

Keshco, the quirky English trio of home-recorders, are delighted to bring more odd sounds and catchy melodies to WM Recordings.

The six tracks on their new release “Lego Of Me” are about fantastical romantic visions – quixotic pursuit of love, obsession, inner peace through gender reassignment, futuristic old-fashioned entertainment, suburban sensuality, and ultimately, a honey-sweet afterlife where your favourite celebrities banter and put their harps through echo pedals.

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Download Lego Of Me here.

Aunt Jamamas Big Band Vigilantes featured at Free Albums Galore

Our friends over at Free Albums Galore have this to say about our recent release by Aunt Jamamas Big Band Vigilantes:

Seattle’s improv ensemble Aunt Jamamas Big Band Vigilantes may be described as avant garde but their liberal usage of wit and melodic structure makes them quite acceptable to those who tend to avoid the atonal. In fact, their improvisatory meanderings do not sound all that free-style at times, leaning heavily to both jazz and rock. The mix of acoustic ensemble with electronic sampling and effects keeps them interesting throughout this live recording. This is certainly worth a listen. Another fine album from the very eclectic WM Recordings.

Download Live on KEXP Seattle by Aunt Jamamas Big Band Vigilantes here.

New release by Claudio Nuñez & Sergio Paolucci

After a relatively long period without new releases we pick up our schedule with a new free album by Claudio Nuñez & Sergio Paolucci:

Apariencias Desnudas [Naked Appearances] contains six long tracks, recorded in Buenos Aires earlier this year.

All the structures for open improvisation were designed by Claudio Nuñez. Apariencia v is based on Rag Rag (composed in 2007 for the Claudio Nuñez Trio). The piano and sax duet on Desnudo Bajando… is a free improvisation.

Download Apariencias Desnudas [Naked Appearances] here.

WFMU Creative Commons Workout Mix

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has posted a “Creative Commons Workout Mix”, inspired by the fact that last month, Australia’s Copyright Tribunal increased music licensing fees for fitness classes by 1500%.

The mix features “Produga Soldata” by Nambavan, from his WM Recordings album “Chechnya on a dance floor“.

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Check out the complete mix here.

Happy Elf takes “Loop The Balloon” on the road

WM Recordings artist Happy Elf is a very busy man. He works as a music teacher, he performs in various bands, he records at least two Happy Elf albums every year and now he has found a new career as a musical balloon artist.

Happy Elf's Loop The Balloon

His new act hasn’t gone unnoticed. Happy Elf’s Loop The Balloon will be present at two major festivals in the Netherlands: Lowlands (20-22 august) and Mysteryland (28 august). Later this year Loop The Balloon will also perform at the Live Looping Festival in Santa Cruz, USA.

Check out Loop The Balloon on YouTube.

WM Recordings at i_Beta Festival 2010

We will be present at the i_Beta Festival 2010 in Heerlen, the Netherlands, this friday. We will showcase our label and provide information about the use of Creative Commons licenses. Visitors will have the chance to fill up their iPhones or USB-drives with free music from our catalog. If you are looking foward to go the festival, hurry up and drive on over, Our valets all have valeters insurance just in case of any accidents on the property. You can also visit Maryland car accident lawyer at for more information.

WM Recordings at i_Beta 2010

“i_beta is all about being in development, learning adapting and evolving. At the i_beta/festival 2010 we present new trends from e-culture, e-conomy and the challenges for the international region of Limburg. The festival is co-created with our partners and visitors. A varied programme offers new experiences and ideas for creatives and entrepreneurs alike.”, according to the festivalsite.

More info:

We’re building a new website!

Yes, that’s right: the thing you’re staring at right now is the all new WM Recordings website. Or rather: it will be soon. We’re working hard to make the transition as smoothly as possible, but for practical reasons we decided to go ahead and launch the new version now, even before it’s complete.

We’re adding plenty of new features and of course all releases will be available again soon. Check this space for updates!

All pages of the old website are currently still available.

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