Sunday November 18th 2018

“So, what has become of DJ Harsman?”

Harold Schellinx, who contributed a track to the very first WM Recordings release five years ago under the name of DJ Harsman, has posted a very nice message about five years of WM Recordings and five years of DJ Harsman:

Happy birthday, WM Recordings! Congratulations Marco Kalnenek!

Time flies now, doesn’t it? I greatly admire what Marco has achieved in these 5 years. The extremely divers and eclectic collection of fine music that he has made available online, presented with a lot of care and much respect for the music and artists, is priceless in every possible sense of the word. Priceless as in ‘treasure’, as much as priceless as in ‘free’ … 100 x downloads x free x albums …


Every reason therefore also for me to be proud: in the guise of DJ Harsman I contributed to the label’s very first release, on november 7th 2004. That was Water, Wind and Sails, compiled by Splogman as part of his 52 Weeks project. On it you will find my Oerdvlieg, played with the ‘Geluideiland’: an interactive soundmap of the Dutch island of Ameland that DJ Harsman composed when he roamed the island in may 2003.

Much has happened since.

And these very days I have a fine 5 year celebration lined up myself! For on october 7th 2004, just a little before Marco kicked off WM Recordings, in front of the Amsterdam RAI building I launched Raudio, which over the years has become a collection of 24/7 soundart and experimental one pure sound thing audio webstreams, built form several hundreds of hours of pure sound.

To celebrate Raudio’s lustrum, we made RAUDIO IIIII: a free iPhone and iPod Touch application that will bring all this streaming sound to the inside of your pocket or to the palm of your hand.

RAUDIO IIIII will allow you to tune into each one of Raudio’s twenty 24/7 audio web streams. Do it whenever you feel like, and do it wherever you are (povided within the reach of a 3G network or a Wifi connexion.) The collection includes – just to name two – the amazing 9 Beet Stretch (a recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony slowed down – with pitch correction! – to play for 24 hours …), and Het GesPreK 1982-2005, based upon a cut-up of a series of life musical conservations between 12 musicians, originally recorded in the Amsterdam Paradiso in 1982.

It is at this very same spot, in Paradiso’s “Kleine Zaal”, that on friday november 13th we will officially present our application, with a little festive speech, and performances by the ookoi and special guest Peter Zegveld. (The party starts at 17h, please do come, grab the app and join the fun!)

Meanwhile, rather than roaming wadden islands, DJ Harsman these days is roaming our cities, picking up audio tape debris from the streets and from bushes for his Found Tapes Exhibition. He is also writing a book on the noble art of foundtaping, which should be printed and available for your reading pleasure as of very early 2010. Click here for more info It will be partly written in english, but its main language is dutch, like is its title: “Alle Geluid Van De Wereld” …

Last but not least: let me finally start making the album for WM Recordings that I always have wanted to make but for some reason never got round to…

Harold Schellinx – Paris, november 10th 2009

Happy Elf – Online

Happy Elf’s video for “Online”, the opening track of our 100th free release:

WM Recordings: 5 years, 100 free releases!

Five years, 100 free albums, nearly 1000 free tracks. That’s WM Recordings in a nutshell for you.

We celebrate our fifth birthday today with the release – yes, our 100th! – of this special compilation of cover versions, remixes, and tracks about free, legal music. We hope you’ll celebrate with us. Consult with when you want legal advice.

WM Recordings

Various Artists – WM x 100 / 100 x WM

It must be one of those days!

WM Recordings artist Jan Turkenburg, known as “Meneer Jan” to his pupils, has released a great new mini album: “It Must Be One Of Those Days“. The title track is so catchy that it will stick in your head forever. Don’t believe us? Watch the hilarious video, featuring Ton Rückert:

“It Must Be One Of Those Days” is available from iTunes, Amazon mp3, and on CD directly from us.

Nominate WM Recordings at Mashable’s Open Web Awards

Mashable is proud to present their 3rd annual Open Web Awards online competition. The Open Web Awards is an international online voting competition that covers major innovations in web technology and achievements in Social Media. This year, they’ve extended the length of the campaign by one month and also have created some new and engaging categories for their audience to reflect the changes in web culture since 2008.

Please vote for WM Recordings as “Best Online Music Label” by clicking the banner below:

We appreciate your support!

New clip by Happy Elf: What’s Happening

The latest release by Happy Elf can be downloaded here.

New videoclip by Barbara de Dominicis

WM Recordings artist Barbara de Dominicis has recorded a great video for her track “Disremembering Echo” from the album Anti-Gone.

Buy Anti-Gone from iTunes or CD Baby.

Can we copy? Yes, we can!

Copy Feast 24 – 25 – 26 september 2009, City Library, Leuven, Belgium

The ‘Copy Feast’ is a three-day festival during which the copyright, and more specifically the copying of creative works is taken under consideration. Using music, film, debate and workshops the Copy Feast teaches the public that downloading and distributing certain works indeed can be done legally. The Copy Feast is a collaboration of the radio program “netwaves” (Radio Scorpio) and the City Library of Leuven (BE).

Previously, copyright protected works were hard to copy. The digitization of information and the emergence of the Internet made content easy to download and copy, especially if you have one of the best wireless routers to have the fastest wifi ever. This way the protection of copyright turned into a problem. Publishers and other stakeholders (record companies, film studios, ASCAP/RIAA/GEMA/BUMA/Sabam, …) started to speak of ‘illegal downloading’, ‘piracy’, ‘theft / stealing of artistic works “, etc. Their aim is to protect these artistic works, i.e. to keep them closed while making them accessible, provided you pay a fee.

At the same time, the internet has a growing number of independent, public initiatives who want to keep cultural works open for current and future generations. The authors of these works think it is okay to copy, download and distribute their content. Their primary aim is to protect these works, but yet keep them open and free. The copyright remains protected thanks to the Creative Commons license.

The Copy Feast is a tribute to the artists who keep their work open to the community.

Kopiefeest Leuven

A Copy Feast CD – including a track by WM Recordings artist brunk – can be downloaded from the Netwaves website. When you distribute this music, always mention the name of the artist and the license “CC:NC-SA”.

In the lobby of the library, a “Burn Station” will be available during the festival for copying music to CD or memory stick.

The program:
Admission is free (except Cinema ZED).

New Claudio Nuñez album online now

New free album download, online now:

Claudio Nunez – Odd Times, Uneven Dreams

Claudio Nunez was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. He studied classical guitar during the 70s, composition with Hilda Dianda and obtained a choral conductor degree in 1980.

Claudio lived in the USA between 1981 and 2004. He has released 7 CDs: “Algunas revelaciones sobre el tango chino”, “La zappatilla de zappa” “El zen del tango – el tango del zen”, “Paseando por lomas”, “Solos en la madrugada” “Freejazz on monday” and “Freejazz on sunday”.

“Odd Times, Uneven Dreams” is Claudio’s second release on WM Recordings. It focusses on his qualities as a guitar player.

Submit your cover version for our 100th free album!

The release of the 100th free album download on our label is rapidly approaching. We have lots of activities coming up to celebrate this milestone. One of the projects surrounding our 100th free album will be the release of an album of cover version of tracks from the WM Recordings catalog.

Pick your favorite WM Recordings track from and… cover it!

We’ll post submission guidelines on our site very soon, but you’re already invited to start submitting your cover versions. Deadline is September 15th.

The rules are simple: the track(s) must have been released by WM Recordings and your version should not be longer than 5 minutes. Also keep in mind that a remix does not count as a cover version. Mail if you have any questions or if you have more great ideas to celebrate our 100th free album!

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