Tuesday June 18th 2019



New Happy Elf single on iTunes

Now on iTunes:

Happy Elf featuring Nina – Dong-dong-di-ki-di-gi-dong

Four classic Dutch pop tunes, originally recorded by The Golden Earring, Shocking Blue and Earth & Fire, done Happy Elf-style, featuring 15-year old singer Nina.

Free Albums Galore reviews The Rabbits

The ever fabulous Free Albums Galore writes:

The Rabbits are the darlings of WM Recordings having released three free online albums in a year’s time. But I’m afraid I really didn’t quite catch onto them until the last release, That Cave of Love, part one. The Toronto band, which is actually Matthew Orzeszek plus friends, have such a casual and twisted style that it sneaked up on me. That Cave of Love seems a bit more twisted than the other album and much tighter in concept. Songs like “Chickeny Softness” may have silly lyrics (My wife is saying “They’re not silly, They’re existential!”) but they are nicely surrounded by some sharp guitar work and more than a little cleverness. There is a indie rock feel mixed with a little Beatles influence and a Bonzo Dog Band wit. The Rabbits’ music may never save the world but it will get us a reprise from the usual daily madness called life.

Read the full story here.

WM Recordings @ Alonetone

A couple of our free releases are now also available on Alonetone.com, the brand new “damn fine home for musicians”.

Check out our stuff here.

First physical cd release on WM Recordings

It’s here!

WM Recordings proudly presents its first ever CD release:
“Handle with Care – Might Panic” by Panicphobia.

Panicphobia: available from CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic

After more than 80 free albums and 10 commercial downloads it’s time for a real CD. You know, one that you can actually hold in your hands and fondle and take to bed with you and…

It’s now on CDBaby.com and soon available through other channels as well!

New release: The Rabbits

New free download available now:

The Rabbits – That Cave of Love part 1

Cardiac as it may be, the music on this here album is nothing less than intelligent, insightful…and what’s that other thing?… Conscious? Coincidental? I mean, “the world is full of chickeny softness.” Is it not? Hhmm?

The Aperion Project @ Amazon.com

“Gods, Demigods & Demons” by The Aperion Project is now available on Amazon.com:

New release: The Aperion Project

New free download, online now:

The Aperion Project – All Music is Improvised

The Aperion Project hail from Chicago. Their musical output ranges from live improvised music to electro-acoustic studio projects. This download is an example of their more freely played music. In a few weeks time their album “Gods, Demigods & Demons“, which showcases a more structured mixture of jazz and electronics, will be available from all major download stores.

New brunk album

New free download, available now:

brunk – none of the above [WM080]

none of the above‘, the follow-up to ‘ sept 2003 ‘, is a further exploration of the melancholic and more accessible side of brunk. It has a quiet vibe and mostly slow songs. Once again these songs are made of overdubbed and edited layers of cut-and-pasted guitars, softwaresynths, samples, beats etc; with at the same time lots of improvised elements and spontanuous aspects, uncorrected imperfections and a perhaps slightly naieve ‘homerecording lo-fi’ touch.

Keji Hamilton reviewed in MOJO

British music magazine MOJO have reviewed our release by Keji Hamilton & the Exousia Band in their June issue:

“Vintage Afrobeat from the man who used to open shows for the main man. A mainstay (on guitar and keyboards) of Fela Kuti’s Egypt 80 in the 1980s, Keji Hamilton can’t be accused of falling too far from the tree musically in the decade since his employer’s death. This is Afrobeat much as the man himself played it in the latter years of his career, though it lacks the grit and fury that made Kuti such an important musician in the 1970s. It would be difficult to imagine the Africa 70 recording a tune called Forever Live Jesus (Hamilton is now a pastor in Lagos), for example, although Bambiala (Beggars) and the anti-consumerism Designers would no doubt have been given an uproarious treatment. The band is well drilled, the horns and backing vocals wonderful, but there is never the sense that everything is teetering on the verge of collapse. Which might be why Kuti had him around so long.”

You can now buy the Keji album in mp3 format directly from our site!
Just click here and choose ‘add to cart’.

New Happy Elf release

New free download, online now:

Happy Elf – Loose your head

Five instrumental analog dance tracks to make you feel good. Each track has a distinctive minimalistic atmosphere. The beats are bare and simple, the sounds nice and dirty. So when you’ve had a bad day, wanna shake a leg, need some positive energy: listen to these tracks. Happiness guaranteed!

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