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WM004: Various Artists - Extremely mild and pleasant tasting The best of Bob Chaos Recordings 1984-1986

released 2 december 2004


Various Artists - Extremely mild and pleasant tasting

01. Intro/Scott Allen - Latent Chaos
02. Cheap Italian sunglasses - Latent Chaos
03. Transition/Climax - Latent Chaos
04. Cereal killer - Latent Chaos
05. Black and white - Modern Exteriors
06. Send in the clowns - Disposable Air Sickness Band
07. Gypsy rose/Yellow ribbon - The Suadetones
08. Goldfinger - The Suadetones
09. Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief - MCRB
10. Herr Doktor - MCRB
11. Eating utencils - Atomic Butterfly
12. Song about the rain - Atomic Butterfly
13. Carl (isgonnagettrampled) - Atomic Butterfly
14. Aroseinherteeth - Atomic Butterfly
15. Fear for reason - Latent Chaos
16. Adoration of the dusty box - Latent Chaos
17. Cornfields of Indiana - Sonic Clams
18. Nuclear adventure - Sonic Clams
19. Baby with a baboon heart - Soul Celtics
20. Pi phi - Band-O-Fun
21. Fuck me, I'm stupid - Latent Chaos
22. Would you cut off your dick for art? - Latent Chaos

Bob Chaos records was a cassette-only label out of Muncie, Indiana USA. Between the years 1984-1988 a whopping 15 cassettes were released. With music spanning experimental to rock to just plain strange, "Bob" was way ahead of it's time... or at least in the wrong place at the right time.

Instead of letting the tapes deteriorate in a mid-western closet, www.bobchaos.com came out to give the world's weirdoes more stuff to listen to. After a gracious offer from WM Recordings, this ersatz best-of was compiled just for you. Yes, you.

More info at www.bobchaos.com

Read some notes, written by Dan Snellenbarger, here.

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