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WM027: Jan Turkenburg - 4 Tributes to 365 days and 1 bonus

released 16 october 2005


Jan Turkenburg - 4 Tributes to 365 days and 1 bonus

01. A tribute to 365 days
02. Second tribute to 365 days
03. The first ten days of september
04. The second ten days of september
05. Bonus

After A fifth of Splogman and Splogman’s sixth sense Jan Turkenburg is going back in time with "4 Tributes to 365 days and 1 bonus". Although on both previous releases some tracks contained samples of Otis Fodder's 365 days project in 2003 the first four of these cut and paste pieces were never released apart from a temporary link on the project’s website.

The First tribute to 365 days actually was the first composition of Jan Turkenburg after a long period of inactivity in this field. It was made after Otis Fodder encouraged people to use 365-days material to make new musical pieces.

The plan was to make 7 tributes using samples from different months in the project, but after the sixth Jan was too busy working on his own slightly more modest follow up on Fodder’s project: 52 weeks.

For this new release on WM Recordings he finally finished the seventh tribute using samples of the last three months of 365 days. This is the "one bonus".

Tribute number 5 was released as "A fifth of splogman" (track 5 of A fifth of Splogman) and Tribute number 6 was released as "Cracking Eggs" (track 1 of A fifth of Splogman) and was the first track on which live-instruments were added.

Jan plans on going further back in time with releasing more earlier work and at the same time he's working on "Seven scary dreams" which will consist of recent cut and paste work.

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